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Essential considerations & Strategies to Protect Performance, Quality & Sustainability

An Ecolab ebook specifically for the brewing industry

Balancing the Challenges of

Sustainable Brewing

It’s never been easy to run a brewery. You’re tasked with creating a great product and producing it at a consistently high level of quality – all while balancing the bottom line to drive profitable business growth. But today, leading brewers of all sizes increasingly elevate environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) initiatives as core tenets of future-ready growth strategies. Sustainable brewing practices play a critical role not just in meeting consumer and investor demands. More sustainable brewing practices will be vital in adapting to increasing resource scarcity – water, wastewater treatment capacity, energy, labor – to ensure operational resiliency and reduce impediments to growth. The goals and requirements of sustainable brewing introduce new and heightened challenges in the balancing act of running a modern, sustainable brewing operation.

This ebook will outline the intersection of emerging sustainability goals with the five interdependent objectives of all brewing operations.

Learn sustainability strategies to

  • Protect food safety and quality 

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Minimize water usage

  • Maintain wastewater compliance

  • Minimize food safety risks

  • Optimize beer production

  • Protecting your assets

  • How sustainable brewing is future-proofing the industry

  • and more!